You’ve started a fundraiser, here’s your next steps.


So you started a fundraiser, now what?

A fundraiser can be fun and very powerful if you use it right. Everybody wants to help, and here are a few ways to let people know how to lend a helping hand.

  • Sound the alarm– make a commotion as to why you need help. Give supporters a little insight into the situation you or others are going through.
  • Set a clear goal– what exactly are you trying to achieve with this fundraiser? You are asking people to go the distance for you; let them know where the finish line is.
  • Promote sooner than later– The faster you let the masses know, the more opportunity you have to raise money.
  • Provide an additional incentive– Little perks go a long way. An example could be a credit toward your business, whether it is monetary or for future services.
  • Keep people informed– regularly remind them on every social media outlet you have. Stats show that people who see something about five times will jump on board with an idea. Also, show your progress! People want to see how much they’ve helped!
  • Gratitude– Supporters are the first responders to your needs. They are the hero in this situation; you should treat them as so—highlight purchases and those that have come to the rescue.
Ending Note.

Pay it forward. We’re all in this together, once your campaign has finished, find a campaign to support or promote. Doing this makes you a good human!