Our New Digs in Fort Worth.

Printed Threads with the skyline of Fort Worth.

While we’re still working on getting settled into our new building, we wanted to take you through why we moved to downtown Fort Worth. The biggest reason? For you! Being located at the intersection of I-30 and I-35, and part of the Near Southside community makes us easy to find. Our previous building was nestled comfortably in North Fort Worth, but it was a challenge for our clients, Uber drivers, and Door Dashers to locate. Another big reason? Our team is now all under the same roof, with 6,000 square feet more to boot! Our fulfillment and event space was previously separated from our main building by a driveway, so the weather was often an issue. But rain and wind be gone!

Let’s talk about the weather, then.

Our new facility also provides a much more comfortable atmosphere for our team. Although we had A/C in our previous production areas, it was a battle to keep the temp in the shed below 95 degrees in the summertime, and above 45 degrees in the winter. Now we have an insulated concrete building that allows us to better control the conditions for our team and your prints! We were also able to design our production workflow from scratch instead of adapting to expanding space. We started in one bay of our old building. Eventually, we took over three other bays, carving out and pushing back departments of the shop. Here, we have been able to consolidate our presses into one area, bringing all of our operators into the same room. Being in the same area is easier for trouble-shooting, production management, and everyone helping overall. Teamwork and knowledge sharing will abound, and with that comes greater consistency and quality of work! 

Now back to you!

We will have a more effective showroom where you can browse a curated selection of our favorite garments, or simply enjoy our new client lounge area — the chill spot for when you have to wait a few minutes on your order or just want to hang out with us! The showroom will also have an event space complete with a stage for our classeskeynote speakers, or rad local artists to play on. We seriously can’t wait to host our friends here in the Fort Worth creative community (we’re looking at you, Creative Mornings family)!

Expect a ribbon-cutting in early fall, and of course, our showroom will be open to the public as soon as it’s safe to do so. We can’t wait to hang!