Marathon Merch

Upcoming fun run, 5k or marathon? Need to sprint on some merch solutions? We got you.

This is the time of year (at least in Texas), when we begin to shed our winter clothes, get in a big stretch, and pivot to some lighter weight performance options for upcoming community runs.

Whether you’re a participant in your first 5k, or in charge of producing a full marathon event, Printed Threads can help make sure you’re fully equipped for the task at hand.

Merchandise ideas for a marathon
Have everything you need for that upcoming run?

We work with a wide range of distributors and apparel brands, and offer numerous decoration techniques, so we can help you cross the finish line in comfort and style.

Some items to consider include:

  • Joggers
  • Tank tops
  • Tees
  • Shorts
  • Fanny packs/Crossbody Bags
  • Tote Bags
  • Water Bottles
  • An array of event-specific promotional items

Our reps can provide you with a number of options specific to a runner’s goals, including moisture wicking, quick drying and sun protection clothing. In addition, we also offer compression and reflective options.

We’ll clearly explain which decoration techniques work best for each garment type, and fully customize your selections so you can proudly display your running team name, sponsor logos or other info that’s important to you.

If you’re in charge of producing a fun run, 5k or marathon, we also offer an array of promotional items as well as banner and signage production. Additionally, screen-printed tees are a great commemorative promo item for participants and spectators alike.

We want to help you get the gold and achieve your personal best. Contact us at for more info!