Community Beer Lives Up to Their Name

Let’s be honest; sometimes bigger is better.

When Community Beer Co. was on the hunt for a facility upgrade, they needed a place that would not only allow them to expand production, but to also expand their offerings to the public. Luckily, they found the perfect spot just down the street from their original home. Two years and one gorgeous remodel later, the Community team unveiled a stunning 70,000 square foot campus just an Uncle Rico’s spiral throw from downtown Dallas.

“With a name like Community, we certainly want to always have a place for the community to gather, so that’s always been our mantra from day one,” said owner and founder Kevin Carr. “That’s why we love this space, because it gives us a lot of opportunities to gather the community together.”

And gather they have. Carr and team have built a cultural hub over the past decade, hosting events from concerts to fundraisers, and most everything in between. Whether they’re hosting pet adoptions through their partnership with Dallas Pets Alive, or supporting a myriad of great causes through their non-profit The Greater Good, the sense of social togetherness is paramount.

“We welcome all walks of life here, and try to give them the best, most positive experience possible,” Carr said. “We really try to take care of our clients, our customers, our accounts, and make sure that their needs are being met, and going that extra mile across the board to make sure at the end of the day the customer experience is as high as it can be.”

New Facility, Same Community Vibes.

With this new facility, Community expanded not only their taproom, biergarten, and private event spaces, but also branched out to offer spirits through their Society Spirits line, non-alcoholic beer through their Nada beer line and excellent food from their in-house restaurant The Community Kitchen.

“Here at Community Beer Co. we love inviting the public to hang out with us, whether it’s drinking beer, drinking our spirits, drinking our non-alcoholic beer or eating our delicious food, always a good time here and we look forward to having you out.”